Red Wolves announce new additions to coaching staff for 2019

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JONESBORO — Arkansas State has announced three new additions to the Red Wolves’ coaching staff for the 2019 season. Head coach Blake Anderson addressed the press Wednesday afternoon on the matter.

Keith Heckendorf will assume the role of offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, while Sean Coughlin will take over the offensive line and run game. Malcolm Kelly will take over as the wide receivers coach.

Anderson started the presser off by squashing a few rumors.

“I’m not resigning, I’m not stepping down, I’m not taking a leave of absence. I’m not going anywhere. To those of you who were hoping I would, sorry. It’s a bad day for you is all I’ve got to tell you. At no point has (me leaving) ever been part of our conversation. If you know (Wendy Anderson), you know it has never even been a conversation. Our plan is to fight and beat cancer,” Anderson said. “Please keep praying because we are in a fight, literally for our lives.”

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