Bill Clinton Speaks at A-State

This article was originally published by the Delta Digital News Service

by Chase Gage
Delta Digital News Service

JONESBORO – Former President Bill Clinton spoke to a near-capacity crowd at the Fowler Center Monday night. The man from Hope delivered a speech about hope for the future.

Billy BoyAt a time when America is arguably more politically divided than ever, Clinton urged listeners to love one another like human beings, not opposition. He drove home the message of treating people like people and getting rid of resentment and anger towards others.

Arkansas State University Chancellor Kelly Damphousse introduced the 42nd president to approximately 950 people.

“If you live in resentment and anger, it disempowers you. You want to be empowered,” Clinton said. “You have to open your heart and ears before you can open new doors. You’ll waste a lot of your life living in resentment and anger.”



When I heard Bill Clinton was coming to campus to speak, I knew I had to cover it. When I got approved for a press pass to the event, I couldn’t believe it. I was going to cover a former United States President.

For this piece, my goal was to cover the speech as well as possible for people that couldn’t attend. I wanted to capture not just the words, but the essence of the speech and see if I could somehow find a way to wrap it up into a story. I think I achieved that goal, but then again, that’s for the readers to determine.

This story included prominence above all, but also timeliness and proximity.

I believe this was one of my better pieces because of all the work and preparation I put into it. There were a few issues getting my equipment into the venue due to the heavy security, but eventually, it all worked out. Once inside, everything went rather smoothly.

This story taught me how to take notes more so than any I’ve ever written. With over an hour of audio to sort through after the speech, taking thorough notes with time indicators included was necessary for this story to be turned around within the evening.



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