‘Race for the Cure’ More than just a 5K

This story was originally published by the Delta Digital News Service on April 11, 2019.

JONESBORO — The third annual Northeast Arkansas Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at Arkansas State University will take place April 27. For breast cancer survivors, the race hits close to home.

The Race for the Cure nation-wide event raises money for breast cancer research. In 2017, the race found its way to Jonesboro for the first time. The 5K is primarily a fundraiser, but it also inspires hope.

Elizabeth Forehand, a local breast cancer survivor, will be participating in her fourth Race for the Cure this year. She survived her 2014 diagnosis after four surgeries.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Participants walk in the 2018 Race for the Cure in Jonesboro. The 2018 race raised over $330,000. (Photo by Chase Gage)

“It was a shock to hear. No one wants to hear ‘cancer.’ I had the attitude that I have to fight this. I have a life to live, so let’s do this,” Forehand said. “Just being around other survivors and sharing our stories and being able to see that all these people have beaten cancer, it’s just awesome. It’s very encouraging.”





This story hit a little closer to home. Conducting interviews about dogs and football players is one thing, but talking to breast cancer survivors and hearing their stories is a completely different world.

My goal for this story was to aim for the heart and present the stories of strong, brave survivors so that their story can be told. On top of that, I wanted to provide information about an event that aims to help survivors, an event both interviewees were very passionate about.

I wanted to take the diamond approach, starting with a personal story, going into a wider perspective and then narrowing back into the personal aspect again. The story contained timeliness, proximity, impact and currency.

The only issue with this story was the inability to get an exclusive interview with the chair for the Race for the Cure, but I was able to find a video interview she did that answered most of the questions I would have asked.

Overall, I think this piece delivered.

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