Medical Marijuana Forces Law Enforcement Changes in Arkansas

This story won a 2020 SPJ Diamond Award and was originally published by the Delta Digital News Service

JONESBORO — The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment passed during the 2016 election cycle. With implementation looming large, law enforcement agencies are shuffling to prepare for the changes they will soon experience.


A cannabis prescription is just like any other prescription. Arkansans voted to legalize the plant medicinally in 2016. (Photo by Kyle Butler)

In the state of Arkansas, the medical use of marijuana is legal. However, the use, possession and distribution of marijuana for any purpose still remains illegal at the federal level in the United States. That alone causes issues for the legal implementation of medical cannabis.

“It’s still illegal federally and we don’t have it (recreationally) legal at the state level so we’ll continue to enforce the laws until they change,” said Jonesboro Chief of Police Rick Elliott. “You’re going to have to have your medical card with you if you get caught with it. If you’re medically qualified and all documentation is in order, you’ll be fine.”


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