Chase is a senior Multimedia Journalism student at Arkansas State University from the metropolis that is Brookland, Arkansas.

Currently, he writes and edits for several publications. He serves as Senior Editor for LastWordOnProBasketball.com, while also working as a Staff Writer for both RedWolfReport.com and ArkansasVarsity.com. In addition to the aforementioned positions, he also contributes to two publications owned by Arkansas State University; the Delta Digital News Service and The Herald, the school newspaper.

Chase has a passion for journalism. Though he has a heavy background in sports, he is a reporter in every sense of the word and can produce a story on any topic.

He also has experience in the radio field, serving as the producer and co-host of “Under Review”, a sports radio show hosted by Red Wolf Radio. The show was awarded First Place by the Arkansas College Media Association in 2019 for Best Sports Radio Show.

This site is to function as a professional portfolio of his published works. For other media-related content, visit his other portfolio site, www.chasegage95.wixsite.com/bychasegage.





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